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Form & Function

What exactly is a Hybrid Pin Brush?

Our grooming tool is what we term a hybrid brush - a fusion of the conventional slicker and pin brushes. Ordinarily, these are utilized separately. The slicker brush is effective at eliminating dead fur and untangling knots, while the pin brush is employed to smooth out the coat, akin to a human hairbrush. However, the problem with regular slicker brushes lies in their sharpness. Though highly efficient, they can irritate the skin if not wielded correctly. To resolve this issue, we've combined the benefits of both brushes by designing a pin with a round tip and an angle akin to that of a slicker pin. The result? A single brush that effectively performs the functions of both types without causing any skin irritation.

For those interested in the technical details, the stainless steel pins measure 0.4mm in width and 12mm in length, set at a 120° angle.

This brush is appropriate for nearly all dog breeds, with the exception of those having particularly long or extremely thick coats, which require longer pins for effective grooming. We believe it's the ultimate all-rounder tool. However, we understand the needs of all breeds and have plans to introduce longer pins next year. So if your furry friend falls into the latter category, hold on! We assure you it'll be worth the wait

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