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The Power of Three in One

The rechargeable brush with built in detangle spray

Its the only brush that has detangling spray built into the brush. Its awesome at gettting those mats and tangles out....but thats not all.....With its patented built-in coat conditioning oil atomizer, it conditions your pet's coat, leaving behind a delightful scent. Plus, the integrated UV light ensures a clean coat by eliminating bacteria. Pair that with the innovative angled hybrid pin design, and you've got a 3-in-1 solution for total coat wellness. And when it's time to recharge? Just use the included USB-C cable. Simple as that.

Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic! Luna loved the brush She really liked the oil mist as well. The brush is really top quality we are really impressed.

    Luna & Emily O Brighton
  • Dolly loves her grooming time now and the brush doesnt irritate her like some of the other brushes we have tried.

    Dolly & Sian Cotswolds

Puggy Smalls and Friends

Insta legends Puggy Smalls, Poppy, Pomegranate and Luna LOVE the PettBrush³ Pro


What exactly is a Hybrid Pin Brush, and which dog breeds is it best suited for?

Our grooming tool is what we term a hybrid brush—a fusion of the conventional slicker and pin brushes.

This brush is appropriate for nearly all dog and cat breeds, with the exception of those with particularly long or extremely thick coats, which require longer pins for effective grooming.

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Pettpods: Revolutionizing Coat Care with Atomized Oil

The pettle pets story

After over 2 years of intensive research and development, Pettle Pets was launched in 2023 to bring the finest products to the at home pet grooming market. Combining exceptional design and manufacturing capabilities with a love of pets and business, four friends began the journey of bringing their own products to market. It is a fabulous, creative, challenging, and inspiring journey to bring the best products to our customers, but one we are doing with our utmost commitment and having some fun along the way. How can we not have fun with all the doggos and cats that love our brushes! Look at their little faces!